McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 (“MUD 1”) was created to provide water, sewer and drainage facilities and roads within its boundaries. For more information on the MUD 1, please reference the 4-part article on our website at:

Pursuant to the terms of the Trinity Falls Holdings, LP (the “Developer”) Development Agreement between the Developer and the City of McKinney, the Developer is required to pay for the majority of the costs to construct the City of McKinney Fire Station 10 in Trinity Falls.

  • MUD 1 entered into a Reimbursement Agreement with the Developer which requires MUD 1 to reimburse the Developer for a portion of the costs of Fire Station 10 (in addition to reimbursement for the water, sewer and drainage facilities and roads necessary to serve the residents in MUD 1).
  • Neither the Developer nor MUD 1 had any input into the design of the Fire Station 10, including the decision to not install an Outdoor Warning System (“OWS”).
  • As soon as the Board of Directors became aware there were no plans to install an OWS, they instructed the MUD 1 Engineer to engage the City of McKinney in discussion to request that an OWS be added. The Developer also made a similar request to the City.
  • After numerous emails, and even after MUD 1 offered to pay 100% of the costs of an OWS, MUD 1 was informed that there were no plans to install an OWS.
  • MUD 1 will continue to explore alternative options for an OWS to serve the Trinity Falls’ residents and hopes to have a solution in the near future.

The Board of Directors of MUD 1 encourage residents to attend its meetings (generally held on the first Wednesday of every month at noon at 260 East Davis Street, Suite 100, McKinney, Texas) or to contact the Board of Directors through the “Contact” link on the MUD 1 website (