Welcome to McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1

Welcome to the McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 website. Here, residents can find information regarding upcoming events, news, paying their bill online, district boundaries, the board of directors, public documents from the District, contact information, and links to the following services.

General Meeting Information:
The Board typically holds regular meetings at 11:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at:
1150 Olympic Crossing
McKinney, TX 75069

District News and Information

Homestead Adjustment

What is a homestead exemption or adjustment on my tax bill?

In Texas, the taxable value of Homesteaded Property may only increase 10% each year. The Homestead Adjustment (shown as Homestead ADJ on the statements issued for MUD1 and MUD2) is a deduction of the assessed value above the 10% maximum taxable value that the property values may increase on a Homesteaded Property. That same amount of adjustment is shown on the Collin County Tax Assessor Collector’s (blue) statement as a Homestead Cap.

Can you explain how General Homestead works?

The General Homestead protects your assessed value from increasing by more than 10% from year to year. Any value assigned by the Central Appraisal District above the 10% increase from the prior year is adjusted off of the current year value and shown as the Homestead Adjustment (or Cap). For example, if your property had an assessed value of $500,000 in 2021 and has an assessed value of $575,000 in 2022, $25,000 of the value increase will be listed as the Homestead Adj on your statement and the assessed value of the property for the 2022 year will be $550,000 (capped at 10%).

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BB Owen Park Seasonal Update

The Splashpad located at Basecamp has been closed for the 2022 season. Thank you all for the great season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023! With the closure of the Splashpad for the 2023 season and the reduced hours of sunlight, the bathroom hours at Basecamp will be 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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McKinney Classic Disc Golf Tournament- September 23rd – 25th, 2022

The McKinney Classic Disc Golf Tournament is upon us again from September 23rd to 25th. There are 3 McKinney courses including The Woods at Trinity. There is an opportunity for anyone who would like to become a sponsor of the event by contacting Nick Fischer at Chainbombers@gmail.com:

  • Par Sponsor $30
    • Logo on Yard Sign by one of the 54 tee boxes.
    • Logo in caddy book
    • Coupons/Samples allowed in players packs
  • Birdie Sponsor $50
    • Par Benefits (above)
    • Name displayed on main event banner
    • Logo and name listed on social media event page
  • Eagle Sponsor $300
    • Par and Birdie benefits (above)
    • Name displayed on tournament shirts
  • Title Sponsor $2,000
    • Par, Birdie, and Eagle benefits (above)
    • Announcement of Sponsorship during ceremonies and players meetings
    • Premium listing on shirt
    • Premium listing in caddy book
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Notice of Directors Election

Notice is hereby given that an election for Precinct No. 4 of McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 will be held within Collin County on the 7th day of May, 2022, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., for the purpose of electing one (1) member of the Board of Directors for Precinct No. 4.

Notice Of Election
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Tax Statements

The McKinney MUD #1 Tax Statements were mailed out on October 13, 2021. If you have not received your 2021 tax statement and you do not have a mortgage company making the payment for your taxes, please visit www.utilitytaxservice.com or contact the Tax Office at 877-688-3855 and our office can let you know the status of your account. If you do have a mortgage company that is taking care of your property tax payments, please contact them to confirm they requested and received your MUD Tax information.

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Emergency Notification Services

McKinney MUDs 1 & 2 Contract with CodeRED to Provide Emergency Notification Services to Community

Following the extensive and thorough evaluation and review of mass emergency alerting systems, McKinney MUD Nos. 1 and 2 (the “Districts”) have implemented the CodeRED system, a high-speed emergency notification service provided by OnSolve, based in Ormond Beach, Florida. Public safety officials across the United States have credited CodeRED notifications for saving lives, including locating missing children, apprehending wanted criminals, and issuing timely evacuations.

The CodeRED system will serve as the backbone of the Districts’ emergency planning and communications outreach. The platform will allow the Districts to communicate with residents and personnel by sending telephone calls, text messages, emails, and mobile app messages to inform residents of emergencies and to better protect life and property. CodeRED was selected for its reliability and accuracy, as well as the system’s widespread usage across North America.

“CodeRED’s robust system will provide District officials with a reliable, easy-to-use technology to enhance emergency preparedness plans,” said Allen Dejonge, Communications Consultant. The Districts anticipate using the system to notify residents of fires, floods, drinking water emergencies, missing children notices, and more.

The Districts have also purchased the CodeRED Weather Warning system, an automated weather warning technology that delivers phone calls, text messages, and emails to registered residents and businesses within the direct path of severe weather. The CodeRED Weather Warning system is an opt-in service that automatically notifies those enrolled of tornado, flash flood, and severe thunderstorm warnings just moments after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).

All residents living within McKinney MUD Nos. 1 & 2 are encouraged to visit www.McKinneyMUD1.com and click on the CodeRED logo to enroll using their cell phone number, text and email address. No one is automatically included in the emergency contact database. Each resident must register to be included.

About CodeRED from OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading global provider of SaaS-based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers. The company’s CodeRED™ solution provides high-speed notification services capable of reaching millions of people in minutes and has applied its mission-critical capabilities to government, commercial, healthcare and other end markets. More information can be found on the company’s website at www.onsolve.com.

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