Many of our families here in Trinity Falls saw an increase in property insurance rates after the closing of the Melissa Rd bridge. With the opening of Fire Station 10, we want to encourage residents to reach out to their insurance providers to have those policies reviewed for potential savings!

The City of McKinney Fire Chief has drafted a letter regarding the opening of Fire Station 10 addressed to the residents Trinity Falls ( which will provide the information your insurance agent will need in order to get your premiums reduced.

Chief Kistner has provided the MUD with the following information:

  • The City of McKinney notified the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that the station is now operational.
  • The ISO is in the process of updating the Property Protection Classification (PPC) rating for the Trinity Falls Residents however the next publication of the ISO will not be published until July.
  • In the interim, you can provide the following PPC rating information to your insurance provider: the new PPC rating is 1/1Y, meaning any structure located within 5 road miles of a fire station and 1000 ft. of a usable water supply (for firefighting) receives the rating of 1. Structures located within 5 road miles of a fire station and beyond 1000 ft of usable water supply will receive the 1Y rating.

Call your provider today to see what options are available!