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Waste Connections Update – Service Date Change

Waste Connections has informed the District of an anticipated date change, due to inclement weather, for the service date of Friday, February 3rd. They are anticipating having the service date only delayed by 1 day, but is subject to change due to weather conditions in the area. The District anticipates to keep the information up to date on the website, but for the latest information [...]

Waste Connections Update – Service Date Change2023-01-31T16:46:26-06:00

Olympic Crossing and Other Concrete

As you can seeing within the Park and around Trinity Falls there is concrete work being doing to improve curbs, sidewalks and roads. Part of the work will be getting done on Olympic Crossings where there was a large pot hole that has been patched, but now will have the full repair done. Most of the removal work will be done on 1/5/2023 and pouring [...]

Olympic Crossing and Other Concrete2023-01-05T12:13:52-06:00

Restrooms at Basecamp and Old Joe Dog Park

With weather conditions dropping below freezing most nights, the District has determined that the Bathrooms at Basecamp will be closed and reopened when the temperatures are back above freezing. The water will also remain turned off for the fountains at Basecamp and Old Joe Dog Park and will open as weather permits.

Restrooms at Basecamp and Old Joe Dog Park2022-12-19T22:00:36-06:00

Waste Connections Rate Increase

In the month of October, there was a new rate increase from Waste Connections, called a CPI adjustment and they are allowed to do these adjustments every October. The District has worked with Waste Connections at the November meeting to ensure that the adjustments do not go into effect without prior conversations with the MUD Districts so we are given ample time to notify the [...]

Waste Connections Rate Increase2022-12-05T12:10:54-06:00

Traffic Change – Laud Howell and US75 Frontage Road

Over the past several months the MUD Board has been working with the City of McKinney around the intersection at Laud Howell and US75 frontage road and the backup that occurs. The City of McKinney has received approval from Texas Department of Transportation to convert the eastbound Laud Howell to a dual right turn lane onto US75 frontage road. The work is set to start [...]

Traffic Change – Laud Howell and US75 Frontage Road2022-12-05T12:09:17-06:00

Homestead Adjustment

What is a homestead exemption or adjustment on my tax bill? In Texas, the taxable value of Homesteaded Property may only increase 10% each year. The Homestead Adjustment (shown as Homestead ADJ on the statements issued for MUD1 and MUD2) is a deduction of the assessed value above the 10% maximum taxable value that the property values may increase on a Homesteaded Property. That same [...]

Homestead Adjustment2022-11-22T15:57:38-06:00

BB Owen Park Seasonal Update

The Splashpad located at Basecamp has been closed for the 2022 season. Thank you all for the great season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023! With the closure of the Splashpad for the 2023 season and the reduced hours of sunlight, the bathroom hours at Basecamp will be 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

BB Owen Park Seasonal Update2022-10-25T15:02:15-05:00

McKinney Classic Disc Golf Tournament- September 23rd – 25th, 2022

The McKinney Classic Disc Golf Tournament is upon us again from September 23rd to 25th. There are 3 McKinney courses including The Woods at Trinity. There is an opportunity for anyone who would like to become a sponsor of the event by contacting Nick Fischer at Chainbombers@gmail.com: Par Sponsor $30 Logo on Yard Sign by one of the 54 tee boxes. Logo in caddy book [...]

McKinney Classic Disc Golf Tournament- September 23rd – 25th, 20222023-01-05T12:10:20-06:00

BB Owen Park Seasonal Update

The Splashpad located at Basecamp has been opened for the 2022 season. The hours that the Splashpad will be operational are from 9:00am to 9:00pm. With the extended hours with the Splashpad we will also be updating our bathroom hours at Basecamp from 7:00am to 9:30pm.

BB Owen Park Seasonal Update2022-07-04T13:13:34-05:00

Waste Connections Trash and Recycling Service

Waste Connections will be suspending all operations on Thursday February 24th. This will move the service date for Trinity Falls to Saturday February 26th. This has the possibility to change and will keep the website updated.

Waste Connections Trash and Recycling Service2022-03-15T11:43:18-05:00
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