The MUD has been out clearing the main arteria streets, interior streets, and the concrete pathways in the parks. With all the effort that has been put into this, we are able to keep the main pathways open, but additional caution and awareness should be taken.

Portions of the paths by Lake Discovery (Pond 1) and Lake Serenity (Pond 2) are covered in water. Please use extra caution on those paths as the area may be slippery. With the extra water in the nearby tributary and river, there have been sightings of water moccasins and other creatures. The trail around pond 2 will remain closed until further notice due to water on the trails and higher river levels.

The Trinity River level is near the banks and has the possibility of breaching, so please do not enter the water in the ponds or river as there is a high risk of drowning.

The newer bridge near Lake Forest (pond 4) is currently impassable due to a tree being down over the bridge and water in the tributary also being high over the bridge. This sidewalk and bridge are closed until we can remove the tree and water levels recede.

DUE TO SAFETY: The nature trails throughout the park system are CLOSED. We are aware of many trees that are down in the trails and it will take some time to remove them all. We will address all issues as we are able to address them safely with our staff.

DUE TO SAFETY: The disc golf course is CLOSED. There are many trees and branches down. Some trees some leaning and and may fall due the wet ground and high winds. The trees will be removed when we are able to access the areas safely and without causing additional damage to the area with heavy equipment.

Our crews will be out in force over the next couple weeks to address all areas mentioned above. It will take some time for the parks to be back to their normal conditions. There will be delays in mowing some areas due to high saturation of water, inability to access areas because of downed trees, or one of the many other things that are found during the coming week.