Although cleanup is still in progress, ALL of the trails and fairways have been cleared of fallen trees, limbs, and debris. Trails and fairways are clear and safe for transit and disc golf. However, there are several pockets of muddy areas around a few t-pads and on some of the trails and fairways. Please watch for snakes! We have been seeing a couple a day [...]

WOODED TRAILS & FAIRWAYS UPDATE:2024-06-15T18:48:37-05:00


ALL wooded trails and fairways are CLOSED (NO EXCEPTIONS). Water just receded Friday morning (June 7). However, there are still trees and huge limbs down or still falling. For LIFE & DEATH SAFETY, please do not cross the caution and danger tape and barriers!! There is a possibility of more rain this Sunday and Monday. Staff will try to access the wooded trails and fairways [...]

DISC GOLF & WOODED TRAILS UPDATE:2024-06-07T12:42:04-05:00


PLEASE DO NOT allow kiddos to block the main drain on the splashpad causing a pool that overflows all the splashpad water to the flowerbeds! Blocking the splashpad main drain empties the recirculating tank causing the pumps to run dry which will burn up the pumps and also cause the chlorine and UV system to overwork trying to keep up the water balance. Blocking the [...]

IMPORTANT SPLASH-PAD ISSUE2024-05-20T15:58:53-05:00

Bulk Trash Collection Delay- 12/15/2023

The MUD was contacted by Waste Connections that their bulk pickup route will not be able to complete as scheduled for 12/15. Anyone that has bulk trash remaining after 7:00 pm, please leave the items there for pickup for 12/16. Waste Connections apologizes for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Bulk Trash Collection Delay- 12/15/20232023-12-15T17:26:42-06:00

Partial Road Closure

South bound Trinity Falls Parkway between Olympic Crossing and Sweetwater will have 1 lane shut down over the next 4 weeks for repairs.

Partial Road Closure2023-08-14T18:02:41-05:00

Notice Regarding MUD-Owned Property

REMINDER: All property from the back side (house side) of all sidewalks to the curb is owned by the MUD. Other property owned by the MUD includes the Parkways, Greenbelts, and Parks. Modifications, construction, or alterations on or to MUD property is strictly forbidden without prior written approval from the MUD. This includes, but is not limited, to pool drains, pop-up drains, irrigation systems, concrete [...]

Notice Regarding MUD-Owned Property2023-06-05T10:20:14-05:00
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