Waste Connections Update

Starting back on May 18th, scheduling of bulk pickup from the Waste Connections app will be back in service. For any other questions regarding trash and recycling service, please reach out to Waste Connections at Trinity.Falls@WasteConnections.com.

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Community Update 4/28/2020

Waste Connections Update The District has received confirmation from Waste Connections that they have resumed residential bulk pickup service in Trinity Falls with one exception. To schedule your bulk pickup, residents are asked to call Waste Connections for scheduling. Waste Connections hopes to transition back to the use of the app for scheduling sometime in mid-May. Dog Park Update We received notification that the water [...]

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Parks and Recreation

As of Wednesday, April 1st, all B.B. Owen Park playground structures along with the Disc Golf Course are closed. At this time, the dog park will remain open however, please ensure you use appropriate COVID-19 care when entering and leaving the dog park as well as when using the picnic tables. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the parks and trails system while maintaining social distance [...]

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Why does City of McKinney Fire Station 10 not have an Outdoor Warning Siren?

McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 (“MUD 1”) was created to provide water, sewer and drainage facilities and roads within its boundaries. For more information on the MUD 1, please reference the 4-part article on our website at: https://www.mckinneymud1.com/general/what-is-a-mud/. Pursuant to the terms of the Trinity Falls Holdings, LP (the “Developer”) Development Agreement between the Developer and the City of McKinney, the Developer is required [...]

Why does City of McKinney Fire Station 10 not have an Outdoor Warning Siren?2021-02-13T15:10:28-06:00

What is a MUD?

In the Know - Parts 1-4 A resident of McKinney MUD 1 has written 4 articles describing what a Municipal Utility District (MUD) is and how they operate. In the Know - Segment 1 - General MUD Information In the Know - Segment 2 - How Do MUDs Work? In the Know - Segment 3 - MUD Taxes In the Know - Segment 4 - [...]

What is a MUD?2021-02-13T15:10:35-06:00
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